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Read what some of Dr. Van Bruntís clients have to say about their experience with his care for their loved one.

I am so grateful to have found Dr. Van Brunt - it made all the difference in healing my cat's corneal ulcer. My little cat Friday (17 years old & full of life) was fine one week and the next she was stumbling around, her eye looked cloudy and she was not herself. After a few vet visits and another to a neurologist, she was diagnosed with Lymphoma, was put on strong Prednisolone, and quickly lost all feeling to the right side of her face (the same side as her eye). The vet started treating for a corneal ulcer with antibiotic drops but after a few weeks, her eye was getting worse - it looked like it may never heal. When it was clear the initial ulcer treatment wasn't working (especially in conjunction with the cancer and meds), we were guided to Dr. Van Brunt. He immediately diagnosed the severity of the ulcer with consideration to all of Friday's other medical issues and prescribed a cocktail of drops and lubrication. Dr. Van Brunt also carefully explained what to expect as the eye healed which was important. The best part was his confidence and faith that the ulcer would heal - this gave me faith. Dr. Van Brunt's sincerity, optimism and precise treatment brought back Friday's sight. I highly recommend Dr. Van Brunt.
Kristen Djurdjulov
Lucky, our 10 year old Shih Tzu, had cataract surgery performed on both eyes by Dr. Van Brunt. We had lots of questions before the surgery. Dr. Van Brunt always took time to answer our questions during our office visits and made it a point to return our calls even if it was after office hours. Lucky is doing wonderful. We are so grateful we cannot thank Dr. Van Brunt enough. His genuine compassion and concern for his patients is awesome. We are very thankful that Dr. Van Brunt has given his life to this work. Without any reservation or hesitation we recommend Dr. Van Brunt.
Larry, Cindy and Lucky Bowling
It is a rare occasion when you can find someone that is as passionate and capable as Dr. Van Brunt. I was blessed to have him care for Harry Potter. Dr. Van Brunt has always been very patient with all my questions, making sure we understood everything. He was so good with Harry, it was clear Dr. Van Brunt loves what he does.
Kathy Forrest-Wilson (Harry too)
I brought my dog (Savannah), a German shorthair pointer, so that she could be evaluated for her eye problems. I had rescued her the month before. She had severe dry eye and she could barely open her eyes and her vision was very limited. I was told by her vet that her dry eye was so bad that she could eventually go blind. Savannah was then referred to Dr. Van Brunt. He was extremely caring and informative of the various options for Savannah. I immediately felt comfortable knowing she was in very capable hands. He told me about a surgery that would take 2 salivary ducts and weave them from her mouth to the inside of her lower eyelids. He suggested that I first try different prescription eye drops to see if there was any improvement. He was obviously trying to give me the option that might work and would be less expensive which is very commendable. There was no improvement with the drops so surgery was scheduled. I was nervous but something about the doctor's calm reassuring manner made me more relaxed. That's when the miracle began. I picked Savannah up after surgery and for the first time since I got her, her eyes were wide open and she had minimal effects from the anesthesia. I've never seen such a demonstrable change in a dog. She immediately seemed so much happier and comfortable. It was all I could do to keep her from running, jumping and playing. Her tail wagged constantly and I could tell she knew her life had changed drastically. Before the surgery she wanted to play fetch, but really never could see the ball unless it was thrown a very short distance directly in front of her. Now I can throw a mile and she heads right to it. She is now jumping in the air and never wants to stop playing ball. In Savannah's follow up treatments she received the same loving, professional care that I had come to expect from Dr. Van Brunt. It was amazing to see how successful the surgery was and how it changed my Savannahís life. People in Louisiana are very fortunate to have such a skilled, caring ophthalmologist so close. I would travel any distance knowing that my dog is in the best possible hands. Thank you Dr. Van Brunt and God bless you and your family and the patients fortunate enough to be in your care.
Suzanne Harper
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