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During your appointment at Southern Veterinary Eye Care we want to create a calming environment. Our goal is to decrease the stress on you and your loved one. Nothing can increase stress level like waiting a long period of time for an appointment. Here at SVEC we strive to be punctual and want your pet to be seen at the scheduled appointment time. Filling out the New Client Registration form prior to your visit will help us make that happen.
The Examination:
Everyone is nervous going to the doctorís office and your pet is no exception. We do our best to keep your loved one calm during the exam and will walk you through each step of the evaluation. Thankfully, performing a full ophthalmic examination on your pet is non-invasive and only takes a short amount of time in most instances. Following the examination, your petís condition will be explained clearly to you as well as treatment options for your loved one. Clarity is one of our core values at SVEC, this applies not only to vision but communication as well. We want you to fully understand all aspects of your petís diagnosis and treatment process. When you leave Southern Veterinary Eye Care we want you to have a clear vision of what it is your pet has been diagnosed with as well at the course of treatment that is being taken.
Primary Veterinarian Communication:
Your petís treatment is a team effort and your primary veterinarian is a large part of that team. Southern Veterinary Eye Care prides itself on keeping a close relationship with your veterinarian and making sure that they are kept informed of your petís condition and treatment process every step of the way. This will ultimately lead to the best possible care for your pet.
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